Thursday, October 25, 2012

opening of a village for orphans in Vediapanur, on solar-power

On 18 oct. 2012 the new village for 50 orphans was opened by an international gathering of the Regenboog trust.  It is build near the AVS school in Vediapanur, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India.   

Madan Mohan worked hard to get the village ready for the opening. The 4 sponsors in the photo are from Switzerland and had come for the opening to Vediapanur.

Local sponsors and friends were also present.

From other schools and organisations friends were there. 

As it had been difficult to find water a natural well was made.

One of the 4 houses, with solarpower.

The kids did some singing.

And there was a Veena concert.

Rachel, Arun, Laxman (me), Madan.

Tamil-selvi, Who's been a great mother for several years for the kids. 

The roof above the communal building.

3 of the 4 houses and the solar panels. The small blocks are toilets and showers.

And than there was lunch for everybody

The builders were still working.

This photos does not need any words...

The Swiss sponsors enjoyed eating with their hands.

A view of Arunachala from near the orphanage.

Let's eat...